Optimizing Potential Throughout The Lifespan

About NINH

The Neurodevelopmental Institute of New Hampshire (NINH) envisions a world where people experience fulfillment in all stages of life. Through community, families thrive, and children grow into happy and productive members of society. The mission at NINH is to optimize an individual’s potential throughout the lifespan through community supports and proven therapeutic interventions. We all experience difficult times, but with the support of our integrative models, communities flourish.

What we offer


NINH offers a myriad of services to support individuals and their families. Our community supports include THRIVE Parenting Resources, Foster Care, and Acorn Montessori. Therapeutic interventions include neuropsychological evaluations, Individual Service Options (ISO), Home-based Therapy (HBT), outpatient individual and family therapy, group therapy, qEEG and Neurofeedback.

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Helping families and individuals learn, heal, and focus on developing social skills and loving memories across the lifespan!

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The MindBody Connection

EEG cap being applied to adult test subject

Interested In Being A Research Volunteer?

The NINH research team is looking for volunteers of any age to help us with research examining the relationship between childhood trauma and attachment style.

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