ISO Foster Care

NINH is looking for individuals who are structured, resourceful, patient, and kind and are looking to support your local community and the needs of its children and adolescents. Have you considered caring for children in the NH foster system of care?

NINH provides services for prospective foster families to gain information about becoming licensed foster homes, guidance and support through the licensure process, and in-home support once a foster child is placed in your home.

NINH is a State of NH certified foster placing and ISO foster parent licensing agency. Foster parents are an integral part of helping families, children, and local communities. ISO level foster homes provide a high level of service to children with high needs who have been displaced from their homes of origin for varied timeframes. Though all children, situations, and experiences are unique, a child may qualify for ISO services for some of, but not limited to, the following:

• Behavioral struggles
• Transition difficulty
• High educational need
• Need for increased supervision
• Mental health diagnoses
• Moderate to high medical need

Many of these are symptoms of a child’s trauma(s) and experience and can be managed with proper responses learned through foster parent education provided to ISO level licensed foster parents working with NINH. Through the lens of Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI ®) training, Foster & Adoptive Care Essentials (FACES) classes, and other training opportunities, our families are prepared for situations that may arise and how best to handle them. ISO level foster children and parents receive ISO level in-home services that provide the assistance of a Therapist and Case Manager along the way.
NINH’s foster Recruitment and Licensing Specialist and ISO Program Director support potential families through the application, home study, and onboarding process. This team, paired with the assigned Therapist and Case Manager, collaborates to ensure foster families and children are supported and provided with resources necessary to be successful. Foster parents receive a monthly stipend, calculated at a daily rate, to support the ISO level foster children in their care.

ISO level foster parents can be licensed for:

• Caring for ISO level foster children birth to 21
• Respite care (10 days or less)
• Crisis/Emergency placements (10 days or less)

Licensed foster parents work with the NINH foster team to discuss strengths and qualities for successful placements. Licensed families are frequently asked to care for foster children as need for homes is high. Families do, however, have the opportunity to discuss these cases to make placement decisions as a team.
NINH provides services throughout the state of NH based out of our Manchester, Gorham, and Keene (coming soon) offices.

Please reach out to us to ask about becoming an ISO level licensed foster parent. We are always happy to discuss the process, any hesitation, concerns, or curiosities you may have.

Nikole Borelli, MS, Community Based Program Director 603-621-9870

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