Individual Service Option

Do you have a child or family that struggles with aggressive, avoidant, or oppositional behaviors, are unsure how to find community resources to assist with family needs, or struggle to find care to support behaviors within the home?

NINH can help develop plans to manage behaviors, address individual or family trauma history, locate and assist with applications to local community resources to support your family’s needs, assist with supervised visitation, or in-home individual, family, sibling, or group therapy.

Individual Service Option (ISO) programming is available to families involved in the DCYF system. This is a high level of in-home care, provided to meet families where they are at, gain insight into their unique needs, and assist with providing therapies and connection to lasting resources to support those needs. ISO level services are staffed by a Therapist and Case Manager and are typically provided in one 2-hour session, with each provider, each week. This is often modified based on family need or safety factors and may be as few as one session weekly with both providers or as many as four or more sessions weekly with one or both providers. Services can include but are not limited to:

  • Individual in-home therapy for the identified client.
  • Family or group in-home therapy for the identified client and relevant parties.
  • Guidance in the use of TBRI®, DBT, CBT, art therapy, play therapy, and other skills as family need arises.
  • Assistance with locating, coordinating, and implementing local resources specific to family need.
  • Connection to substance misuse information, mental health, and medical resources.
  • Assistance completing paperwork.
  • Educational supports (behavioral, IEP/504 assistance, using strengths to support areas of relative weakness, etc.).
  • Assistance navigating state systems.
  • Supervised visitation support.
  • Independent living education and guidance.
  • Parent education.
  • Client mentoring.
  • 24-hour crisis support.

ISO services are available to families in both voluntary and mandatory platforms and provide the same services in each. Mandatory, court ordered, services are contracted through and referred by DCYF. NINH is, however, a separate objective entity. Voluntary services are also contracted and referred through DCYF and can be obtained by calling DHHS central intake to discuss in-home struggles that may warrant high level supports. NINH provides services throughout the state of NH based out of our Manchester, Gorham, and Keene (coming soon) offices.
For additional information or to submit a referral, please contact the Community Based Program Director, Nikole Borelli, MS. 

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