Occupational Therapy

A branch of healthcare that focuses on helping people participate in activities that they do every day.

Need help buttoning your shirt? We can help you with that.

Uncomfortable sitting at your desk all day from poor posture? We can help you with that.

Want to be able to walk your dog again? We can help you with that.

Interested in baking a recipe but have trouble holding cooking utensils? We can help you with that.

Having a hard time remembering to take your medications? We can help you with that.

Having a hard time sitting still in class? We can help you with that.

School age child completing worksheet


Occupational Therapists work with clients and their families to ensure that what is most important to them – whether its helping a child fully participate in their classroom or help a person who experienced a traumatic brain injury learn how to put their socks on – is being addressed.

Occupational Therapists consider the complex relationship between the client, the activity, and the environment in which the individual completes the activity. Individualized services may also include evaluations of the clients home and surrounding environments, recommendations for adaptive equipment, advocacy to address a clients needs and education for family members.


Janine is an Occupational Therapist at NINH. She is certified in The LSVT BIG® program which is an intensive amplitude-based exercise program for bigger motor movements, and is also an American Red Cross CPR Instructor. Janine is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. She enjoys working with people throughout the lifespan with a holistic approach, incorporating clients and their family’s. She aspires to meet clients where they are during each treatment session with a focus on guiding them to achieve their highest practical potential. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and playing with her Golden Retriever, Brewer!

To register and schedule an evaluation: Call 603-621-9870, ext. 114 or email jholder@ninhllc.com

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