Sarah Joy Roberts, B.S., M.O.M., L.Ac.

Sarah Joy Roberts founded and maintained a busy acupuncture clinic in New Hampshire for over 20 years.  She treated everything from arthritis, back and neck problems, and chronic, systemic inflammatory disorders to allergies, digestive problems and infertility.  You name it, she’s probably treated it from both tinnitus and vertigo to plantar fasciitis; from anxiety and depression to restless leg syndrome.  Her main purpose in helping others through Traditional Chinese Medicine was in taking a holistic approach to healing.  She maintains that in order to fully recover from the symptoms of “dis-ease”, the underlying causes must be taken into account.  These include past traumas, emotions, interactions with family members, work, friends and the environment.


Sarah Roberts received her Masters of Oriental Medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  There she received Traditional Chinese Medical training directly from Oriental Medical Doctors trained in China.  This was a four year Masters program with over 1000 hours of clinical experience.  While going to school, she also trained in Qi Gong, Taoist Meditation, and Tai Qi Chuan at the Shen Chi Tao Institute; where she was awarded a certificate in Qi Gong Healing.  She received certification in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in 2000.


Sarah also did an internship at the Albuquerque HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center where she participated in an integrative medicine program.  The internship included consultation with hospital staff to coordinate effective treatment strategies using TCM diagnosis, acupuncture, auricular therapy, tut na and scalp acupuncture.  There she treated the inpatient population which included stroke victims, traumatic head injuries, paralysis, post surgical pain and general geriatric care.


Before beginning training in Oriental Medicine, Sarah received a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University.  She researched medicinal plants and alternative methods of healing in the Nepal Himalayas and worked as a technician in a DNA sequencing lab.  Sarah also attended the American Association of Oriental Medicine 1999 Fall Conference and took classes in Intuitive Healing, kinesiology, tui na massage, and psychic healing.  Sarah is still expanding her knowledge in the art of healing by attending continuing education classes, such as Honora Lee Wolfe’s The Treatment of Chronic Pain, Jeffrey Yuen’s Treatment of Arthritic Disorders, and Miki Shima’s Management of Autoimmune Disorders.  In 2008 Sarah completed Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Apprenticeship program to further her knowledge of western herbalism and become a master herbal medicine maker.


Sarah’s interest in sound healing started with a revelation made from the second verse of the Gospel of John; “From the very beginning the Word was with God*”  It got her thinking about how matter gets its shape from vibration.  Knowing that Acupuncture affects the body’s electrical and magnetic systems to encourage the body’s innate healing abilities, she began to think that surely sound would be an incredible way to heal the body.  She began researching sound healing techniques and incorporating weighted tuning forks into her practice.  In 2014 Sarah completed Eileen McKusicks’ Biofield Tuning course.  Thus she learned how to use sound to clear past traumas and life events from a person’s energy field that cause both physical and psychological symptoms in the body.  This practice also works through manipulation of the body’s electrical and magnetic systems.  In 2020, Sarah created a way to perform acupuncture treatments over the phone using tuning forks.  This innovative approach to distance healing was well received by many of her clients.


Sarah is very excited to begin working at NINH where she can be part of an integrative medicine program again and work with like-minded individuals from different fields of healing. Although her undergraduate area of study was Botany, Sarah excelled in Biochemistry, Neurobiology, and Microscopy.  In her sophomore year she took Chemistry and Indian Buddhism at the same time and realized their core foundations were the same.  Thus began her endeavor to understand the universe and our place in it.  Sarah’s goal is to help people heal through understanding where disease comes from.  True healing takes work, and her clients understand that to truly be healed they must be involved in the healing process.


*Taken from Good News Bible; Today’s English Version

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