Are you a parent looking for things to do with your child? Would you love to find a safe and fun place where both you and your child can gain social interaction with peers your age? Do you have questions about different things going on with your child regarding sleep, eating, development, behavior, temperament, etc and are just looking for another parent’s experience or advice? Did you lose friends that you had in your life before having a baby and are looking for people you can relate to in this new stage of life?

These are all very common things that parents are looking for on a daily basis. Parenting is hard and comes with so many questions and unknowns! What if you had a group of peers that were going through the same thing as you that you could share the joys and challenges of parenting with? That is exactly what Thrive Parenting Resources strives to bring to our community.

Thrive is all about providing what parents want and is completely feedback based. Whenever a parent has an idea for a class or offers to facilitate something, Thrive does their best to make it happen and make it successful. The program offerings change regularly but currently music, sign language, expressive arts, open play, peer support, play groups, sleep consulting and nursing moms group are all on the schedule regularly. Some examples of weekend events that have occurred are monthly birthday celebrations, book/toy/clothes swaps, a vendor fair, Santa photos, special play groups for children on the spectrum and also a group for moms of twins.

We look forward to Thrive growing so much more over the next few months and would love for you to be a part of it! Please like and follow our Facebook page for all of our updates and we hope to see you in soon!

Individual seated on the floor playing guitar while infants are encouraged to explore the instrument
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